Total Vibration Solution

Vibration solutions from Fluke Reliability

With PRUFTECHNIK becoming a Fluke company, maintenance professionals now have access to a complete solution for machine health monitoring from quick vibration screening through to deep analysis, while still receiving the expert technical support they are used to from PRUFTECHNIK.

With the vibration solutions from Fluke Reliability, technicians can collect the right machine data at the right time. This helps maintenance and reliability professionals manage their maintenance activities more efficiently. See what's new through your PRUFTECHNIK channel:

Fluke 805 FC

The Fluke 805 FC is highly reliable and provides consistent measurement data. The data can be retrieved from the cloud via the app. The Fluke Connect app enables easy and fast working on your mobile phone, tablet, and PC. Machine profiles can be created, and maintenance routes can be defined and optimized.

Fluke 810 FC

The Fluke 810 vibration tester detects low-level vibration causes, evaluates them for their criticality, and gives repair recommendations directly on site.

Fluke 820-2

The Fluke 820-2 is a high-performance LED stroboscope tachometer. Using 30 to 300,000 FPM, it can capture any rotational speed on rotating machines. No physical contact is required between the stroboscope and the rotating surface. Likewise, there is no need for reflective tape, any existing mark (e.g., groove, screw, balance weight, etc.) is sufficient.

Fluke 3540 FC

The Fluke 3540 FC Three-Phase Power Monitor and Condition Monitoring Kit reliably measures power (A), voltage (V), power (W), frequency (Hz), apparent power (VA), reactive power (var) power factor (PP), and total harmonic distortion / THD (%) as either a mobile or stationary unit. If limits are exceeded or undercut, the system automatically issues an alarm in real time (including via push message on mobile devices).

Fluke 3561 FC

The Fluke 3561 Wireless FC Condition Monitoring Sensor is a simple yet highly effective extension of all predictive maintenance. The sensor transmits all data into the software via Bluetooth, from which trend profiles and graphs can be analyzed.

PRUFTECHNIK Service and Fluke Tools

A Winning Combination

PRUFTECHNIK customers have always had the exclusive benefit of industry-leading technical support. By phone or e-mail, any device-specific problem can be solved quickly, easily, and smoothly, regardless of how you’re working with our team.

This same level of technical support is also offered to all customers who purchase one the growing Fluke Reliability tools now available through the entire PRUFTECHNIK sales network.

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